Things to Avoid when Scouting for Subprime Car Loan Deals

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Below, we have enumerated and tackled several things you need to steer clear from, as you shop around and inquire about the subprime car loan deals you stumble upon, both offline and online.

Woman with Stop Gesture

Woman with Stop Gesture

Firms that offer auto loans with too good-to-be-true features. Some firms extend credit programs which carry suspiciously-good rates and terms – extremely low rates of interest, very flexible payment terms and options, incredibly high loanable amounts and minimal application requirements. However, these lenders cannot always live up to their promises. In fact, some use such features to entice and soon rip off borrowers. [Read more →]

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3 Signs You’re Not Managing Your Lines of Credit Responsibly

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There are three warning signs that tell you you’re mishandling your existing lines of credit, and they include the following:

Man Worried About His Credit Card Transaction

Man Worried About His Credit Card Transaction

You make substantial payments on pesky fines and penalties. Take a close look at your monthly billing statements. If you think you make huge payments on extra charges, such as late payment fees and other related fines then, it only means that you frequently miss out or skip on your dues. Always remember that such charges can eventually eat up a significant percentage of your personal budget and soon compromise the funds you’ve initially set aside for your personal savings and even for some of your monthly expenses. [Read more →]

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Things YOU can Do to Pay off Your Unsecured Credit Card Debt

February 10th, 2013 · 2 Comments

Is it really possible to pay off a huge unsecured credit card debt? Absolutely! In fact, you can use the tried-and-tested strategies we have discussed below to succeed in this matter:

Stop using your credit card, immediately. Before signing up for credit repair services or before applying for a credit-busting method, we advise you to stop charging your expenses and bills on your line of credit. Keep it in a safe yet hard-to-reach place so that you can fight the temptation of taking it out and using it to cover your expenses. In so doing, you can avoid causing your credit card debt to balloon out and soon get way out of hand.

Stop Using Your Unsecured Credit Card Immediately

Stop Using Your Unsecured Credit Card Immediately

Sign up for credit counseling. If you think you lack the knowledge and experience to handle things by yourself then, you can always take credit counseling sessions with certified finance experts. After all, these professionals can provide you effective techniques, not only for paying down your credit card charges, but also for regaining your creditworthiness. [Read more →]

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4 Things to Remember when Shopping for Balance Transfer Credit Cards

February 6th, 2013 · No Comments

Are you planning to get zero- or low-interest balance transfer credit cards to gradually pay off your credit card debt? If you are then, we suggest you read the remainder of this piece. That’s because in the paragraphs below, we have enumerated and discussed several pointers you should keep in mind when scouting for a suitable line of credit, which you can eventually use to attain relief from your financial obligations.

Image from

Image from

Not all credit card issuers are legitimate. It is never wise to immediately strike credit deals with the first firm you will stumble upon. Always remember that failure to conduct background checks on your chosen companies, both offline and online, can increase your risk of becoming a victim of credit fraud and even of identity theft. [Read more →]

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What YOU can DO to Qualify for Unsecured Personal Loans

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Are there tips you can use to improve your chances of scoring unsecured personal loans, despite your less than perfect credit standing? Of course there are! If you wish to learn more about them then, we advise you to pay close attention to the remainder of this article.

Pointers for Subprime Borrowers

Get rid of errors in your annual credit report. Although you might be sure that your credit report would reflect a less than perfect credit score still, there’s a great possibility that it also contains fraudulent, incorrect and even outdated items. So, before scouting for unsecured loans, we suggest you contact the three credit bureaus and order the latest copies of your annual report.

Check Your Annual Credit Report for Errors and Inconsistencies

And, as soon as the documents arrive, find time to scrutinize all the entries. Review each item very carefully and compare it with the financial records, receipts and proofs of payment you’ve kept. That way, you can easily pinpoint transactions which might ruin your chances of qualifying for a personal loan.

[

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